ECOG-ACRIN Web Application Portal

The ECOG-ACRIN Web Application Portal is a web site allowing users access to reporting tools with information specific to the patients and activity at their institutions. As access to some data is institution-specific, users will be required to first log in using a CTEP (CTSU) username and password. If users are associated with more than one institution, they will be asked to select a specific institution for the login session. Applications available via the Web Application Portal will vary according to user and institution permissions. These include, among others:
  • Expectancy: Shows the status of forms by site/study/case.
  • eDCF: Allows sites to view and print outstanding Data Clarification Forms.
  • Off Treatment Reporting Assignment Tool: Generates a patient follow up schedule based on dates of registration and off treatment dates.
  • Sample Tracking System: Allows institutions and labs to track samples being collected and shipped for ECOG-ACRIN.
For a complete listing of available applications please log into the Web Application Portal. For future reference we recommend that you create a bookmark at

Log into the Web Application Portal now using your CTEP account!